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Pictures with Purpose.


Hello, I’m Barbara

A thirties something photographer residing in Paarl, South Africa.
Wife to Francois and mom of Chris, Alec and Mykel. My passion is capturing raw and real moments, showing the moments and love of my clients during their shoots. I specialise in natural light and lifestyle photography, focusing mainly on families, maternity and newborn shoots. Most of my family and maternity shoots are done outside in beautiful nature where gorgeous natural light is used. My favourite light to use is early morning light or late afternoon… stunning golden light. The most important things for me, is that my clients enjoy their shoot, happy with the end product but most importantly is that my work reach my client’s heart, leaving lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

Why the name Vivente?

What does Vivente mean?
[vi’vente] adjective. living

My Specialities